Everything in life is made better by friends! Dance is NO different! That is why we host Bring-A-Friend week a couple of times every year. During Bring-A-Friend week, we encourage your dancer to bring as many friends as they would like to their regularly scheduled dance class and share their love of dance with their friends! There is no additional cost for the friends to take this class with your dancer! Just come have fun with us! September 23rd-27th is our first Bring a friend week! Be sure to mark your calendars!!

Our Annual summer performance was held at the Dave Finkleman Auditorium in Middletown, Ohio on June 16th. We celebrated our “Hometown Heros”.

This year students were able to vote on their “Hero of the Month”. Students were looking for dancers who had qualities that they thought a hero should possess. It could have been helping a friend with homework, working extra hard in their dance classes, or even helping someone with a dance step. BBDC would like to tip our hats to all the students who worked so hard to accomplish this fantastic goal…they were: Makenna Cassidy, Heidi Schleidt, Savannah Slivinski, Natalie Walker and Mylah Thomas.

Along with our Hero of the Month, we celebrated our 5 year students Alexis Burke and Natalie Walker.

Company B Nationals - July 2019

The kids competed at Edge National Talent Competition and received high honors! We are beyond proud of them!!

Petite/Mini Group

Our petite soloists finished the day out strong! Arianna received a high gold 5th overall while Makenzie received a Platinum 2nd overall and was invited to perform again in the title competition, where she placed 2nd OVERALL! Only 5 kids were invited back to the title solo performance. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, our small group tap, took ANOTHER platinum 1st Overall!

Junior Elite
That Power came in 9th overall, Slow Me Down was 8th overall, and The Phoenix was 5th overall. Our girls worked hard against some really tough competition and still pulled out placement! The Duo, 1 Weak, 2 Strong took 3rd overall in placement! Congratulations to Ellie for receiving platinum and 5th overall in a very tuff division. Heidi took platinum with a clean fierce performance. Shaylee and Jadden took High Gold both pushing themselves out of their comfort zones just to try and push themselves to be better.

Large Group - Entire Company B

Our tribute number to all of the hardworking women all over the world became National Champions AND recieved a judges award for Most Creative!

If you are interested in joining Company B Competition Team - please contact us for more information!!